Christina Draper

Christina is entering her 18th year with ESPN, right out of college. Sports have always been her passion which lead her to join ESPN in Network Control, monitoring on air quality of all 17 networks the company serves around the world. She coordinates and plans staffing for remote and studio productions while managing on air issues with multiple departments.

Chris has been both a mentee and mentor in the WICT Mentoring Program and has been an active member of WICT since 2012. Her involvement in WICT has helped her grow professionally and personally, specifically as a mentee during the program. She was nominated for Protégé of the Year in 2016. She has served on a number of WICT committees and is excited to be a member of the WICT board as a Program Director.

Chris earned her degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications from Mansfield University.

She lives in Bristol, CT with her husband John and her son Nicholas.