Welcome to The WICT Network

Welcome to the New England chapter of The WICT Network. With over 300 members The WICT Network New England offers programs, services and opportunities we are the Northeast region’s premiere cable media association for Women.  The WICT Network’s mission is to empower women leaders in media, entertainment and technology.

“I Know, I Did It on Purpose” with Leigh Woisard

Join The WICT Network: New England on Nov. 1, 2023 for Leigh Woisard’s sequel to “Knowing Your One Thing & Building Your Personal Brand”. Leigh is a PR Guru and Chair for The WICT Network: Global Board. More information including the registration link to come.

Join The WICT Network: New England Board of Directors

Are you’re looking to expand your network within or outside your organization, enhance your skills and truly make a difference? The WICT Network: New England Board of Directors is looking for volunteers like you for our next term, which runs from January 1, 2024 to...

The WICT Network Chapter Crossover Event: Overdeveloped and Underpromoted, Now What?

Are you ready to take control of your professional journey? The WICT Network New England invites you to join fellow chapters and members to a Chapter Crossover virtual event, Overdeveloped and Underpromoted, Now What? Vicki Wright Hamilton, speaker, author and...

About The WICT Network

WICT National was founded in 1979 and is the largest organization serving women professionals in cable media. Regional WICT Network chapters followed shortly after. The WICT Network is steadfast in its resolve to advance the position and influence of women through proven leadership programs and services at the national and local level.

The WICT Network embraces a spirit of collaboration within its organization and throughout the industry. We partner with the cable media industry leaders to provide leadership programs and services, and challenge these companies to create professional advancement opportunities for women. Learn more about the national WICT Network organization here.

New name, new look, same great organization dedicated to empowering women in media, entertainment & technology. Click the button below to learn more about the ongoing evolution of The WICT Network. Watch this space for additional updates!


 The WICT Network Touchstones of Leadership form the foundation for all of The WICT Network’s initiatives. They serve as our compass along the path of strategic and effective leadership development. We encourage you to leverage The WICT Network Touchstones as a motivational tool on your journey.

Know Yourself

Know what you stand for. Know where you’re going.

You must understand who you are before you can decide who you want to be. So take stock of your strengths and your weaknesses. Know your limitations. Set realistic goals for yourself, keeping in mind that a balance between work and life makes for a healthy leader. And, above all, know what you stand for. Maintain your own morals, values and ethics, so you can hold yourself – and others – to the standards you set. Then unleash the leader within you. Take your career by the horns and steer it in the exact direction you want it to go.


With passion and poise. In writing and in person.

Communicating well means more than being articulate. It means being able to deliver a speech powerful enough to inspire an entire auditorium. And to put pen to paper in such a way that others can be rallied into action through the written word. It means negotiating for the best possible outcomes with both logic and compassion – and without failure. The ability to do all this is what makes a great communicator. And to do it all with conviction and passion is what makes a great leader.


With more than just your ears.

A true leader not only communicates well, she also listens well. She hears what everyone has to say and learns from them – adding to her knowledge and her ability to understand others. It is by listening with her heart as well as her head that she builds relationships and communities around her, and helps others grow into strong leaders.


To your peers, your industry, and everything around you.

You can’t move forward without understanding where you are. So get to know your environment. The people you work with. The industry you work in. Immerse yourself in the economics and business practices that affect your company, your clients, and your customers. Keep your ear to the ground. Be aware of what your competition is up to, and gain the upper hand. Build a support system for yourself and those within your community. Great leaders get connected. Stay connected. And use every ounce of information to their advantage.

Be A Catalyst

Raise standards. Promote respect. Set the wheels of change in motion.

Progress is never made by standing still or by relying on the same tired, old ideas. It is up to leaders to push the envelope – to transform our industry by developing ideas that are bigger and better than ever before. So take initiative. Raise the bar and set higher standards. Demand equality on all fronts. Embrace diversity. And above all, never accept less respect than you offer others. Because change can only take hold if grounded in respect.

Be Fearless

Take risks. Be confident in your convictions. Bring others along.

Great leaders look fear in the eye and use it to their advantage. As the force driving them into uncharted territory. And the adrenaline that keeps them climbing the corporate ladder. They are smart, strategic, and always ready to take action. They don’t surrender or retreat. They’re committed to their vision and believe in it above everything else. Because of this, others are willing to follow. Without fear.


And others will follow.

Rally those around you to join in your mission. Be a mentor, a guide, and a role model – one who learns from what she teaches. Help those around you achieve their full potential with a helping hand that paves the way for future leaders. Be dynamic and strong and you will inspire others to embrace your vision as THE vision. The one they want to be part of. And the one they choose to follow.