The mid-year event for the 2017 WICT New England Mentor Program was a wonderful opportunity for mentoring pairs to have quality time together outside of work, learn more about their “next chapter”, connect other WICT members for the first time, and spend time in one of America’s most beloved ballparks.

The excitement of being able to tour the stadium, take pictures on the field, and watch a live interview with pitcher Rick Porcello was topped only by having Valerie Gordon present again.  She coached the group on how to stay positive and find the silver lining, there are always holes in our life stories that need to be filled and that’s perfectly alright.  Val’s discussion revisited the topic she introduced at the Mentor Program’s kick-off in January, how to discover the chapter each of us is currently experiencing in our lives and what we think our next chapter will be.  To paraphrase a quote that resonated well with the group: “your chapters don’t need to be equal in length, if you’re in a good one: keep it going, or if you’re in a bad one: end it.”

Although the home team was unable to pull through with a win it’s safe to say those who were able to participate would label the day as a home run.