This workshop was held on Wednesday, October 26th at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center in Wethersfield, CT. Our first keynote speaker was Joy Kacik from Kacik Consulting Services. Joy discussed the different colors that make up an individual’s personality.

This included an in-depth conversation on three key steps to help create personal effectiveness by understanding where one falls on the color scale.

Joy led an interactive session which included breaking into groups based on the four colors and working through strengths of that color and then collaborating to understand how to better communicate with their opposite personality.

After a lunch break, Sandra Long from Post Road Consulting, led a conversation around the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn.

This included tips on updating the profile, connecting with others and how to be active on the site.

After an active questions and answer portion, Sandra led a breakout session on three target areas for how to use LinkedIn; career, profile and talent. In these breakout sessions, consultants from Post Road Consulting led individuals through some key tips and tricks on how to best utilize the site for that targeted area. For instance, the talent breakout section focused on how to use LinkedIn to recruit and find new talent from diverse areas.


Join WICT New England as we present a workshop as part of our 2016 Keys to Leadership series. This workshop will consist of two sessions: The morning session will focus on how to target communication for the specific people you want to reach. After lunch our attention will turn to your online professional brand and what it says about you. You’ll learn how to evaluate your brand and walk away with easy to implement tips on what you can do to improve your network.


Joy Kacik, Kacik Consulting Services, LLC

Joy Kacik

Joy joins WICT in this powerful workshop which will enable attendees to understand their strengths through the perception of others and learn to target and adapt their communication for the specific person they want to reach. Leveraging the Insights Communications techniques attendees will see their strengths take on new dimensions injecting new opportunities into their career.

As an Insights Discovery® licensed practitioner, Joy brings to clients the added value of the Insights Discovery® Portfolio of tools when working with individuals, teams, leaders and whole organizations to create inspiring visions, and better climates and relationships as foundations for higher organizational success and growth.

WICT will be raffling off a Free Insights profile and coaching session with Joy at the end of the Session.

Joy is a partner in Kacik Consulting Services, LLC and brings a rich background in organizational development, training and negotiations. She has served as a trainer for leadership development, leader transition and an employee coaching program. She designed and facilitated numerous programs approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, including such programs as Values-Based Goal Achievement Through Time Management, Mastering Your Thinking for Lifetime Success, Principles of Team Building, Understanding Personality Styles and Assert Yourself.

Additionally, she also partnered with ThoughtBridge LLC, in the design and delivery of the successful bid and execution of a culture change initiative for a large government agency.

Joy’s personal mission is making a positive difference in people’s lives. She has continued self-directed and mentored learning in the areas of organizational and personal development. She has designed and facilitated a multitude of organizational interventions and strategic planning initiatives, and designed professional development programs throughout the United States.


Sandra Long, Post Road Consulting, LLC

Sandra Long

Get ready to rethink your online professional brand. Sandra Long will help you to assess your presence on LinkedIn, your overall personal brand, and the value of your network. Not only will you walk away with actionable tips and ideas, Sandra will inspire you in much deeper ways. Sandra shares her unique and thought provoking perspectives with her audiences, classes, and clients.

Sandra is a popular speaker, trainer, blogger, and consultant. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about LinkedIn, personal branding, social selling and recruiting. Sandra speaks at corporations, universities, conferences, as well as for industry associations.

Sandra also writes about LinkedIn, personal branding, and social networking. She is the author of “LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide” available in September 2016.

Sandra is the owner of Post Road Consulting LLC in Westport, CT. The company’s clients include sales teams, corporate executives, HR teams, Universities, and recruiters. The company is based in Stamford CT, but works with clients and teams from across the globe.


9:00am – 9:10am: Welcome by WICT New England President, Laura Ausmus

9:10am – 12:00pm: Joy Kacik, Kacik Consulting Services, LLC

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm – 3:00pm: Sandra Long, Post Road Consulting, LLC

3:00pm – 3:30pm: Book Signing