Dina Baraiolo

Associate Treasurer

Dina Baraiolo is a Sr Manager Fiance at ESPN.
860-766-3615 860-766-3615

Currently works in ESPN Finance Affiliate Distribution, extremely passionate about the entertainment industry (loves TV shows and movies and truly believes this is one of the best industries to work in).  Worked at ESPN for the past 8 years, holds a CPA license in the state of CT. Before joining ESPN worked at PWC in assurance audit for three years and got to travel and audit a lot of different clients. A first generation migrant born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, moved to the US from Germany when she was 14.  She has twin daughters who are turning 2 in Oct, and two rescue dogs who will be 8 plus a ragdoll cat who will be 8 as well. A full house for sure and never a dull moment! In her home, the family cheers for the Giants and Red Sox and her guilty pleasure TV show would be “the Real Housewives of…NY/Beverly Hills/OC”.  Also, loves to ski, travel, nap whenever possible, and read.