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Executive Development Series: Executive Leadership Presence

Executive and leadership presence is a critical competency for today’s leaders and is expected in order to move beyond mid-management.  Businesses today consistently report that the “7-11 Rule” has taken on considerably new meaning for emerging leaders in today’s corporate world.  The rule is:

In the first seven seconds of exposure to another individual, we make 11 judgments, which boil down to three key areas:




Too many of today’s professionals are failing to pass the credibility test as these judgments are made.

Executive Leadership Presence, one of two workshops in WICT’s Executive Development Series, is designed for mid-career cable professional women to develop Leadership Presence as a means to inspire confidence, engage and influence others, and maintain productivity while increasing visibility and career mobility.


This two-day program will introduce participants to a unique framework and toolkit of 21 specific attributes, skills and thought processes that work together to help them build the knowledge and skills needed to:

Project strong executive presence.

Create powerful, high-impact first impressions.

Achieve a “Confident Casual®” style in both formal presentations and impromptu communications.

Build and maintain a reputation for strong executive presence and a value-based leadership brand.


During the program, each element of the Executive Presence Management System is presented sequentially, from inner self to ultimate external manifestation.  Finally, participants practice bringing all elements together to convey the “Confident Casual®” target (the ability to convey complementary messaging that is both strategic and visionary, while also engaging hearts/emotions in the processes), are videotaped, and receive feedback from their peers and our professional coaches.


November 14
November 15
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