On August 14th, members of the WICT New England chapter gathered at Mohegan Sun for a night full of basketball and networking fun.

The event kicked off with the two featured speakers: Vice President of the Connecticut Sun, Amber Cox, and NBA color analyst, Sarah Kustok.

Cox and Kustok covered a variety of topics, including their own experiences as women in a male dominated field, and the overall growth of the WNBA.

Cox shared how over the years the audience and viewership have grown for the team. Within the past few years, the Sun have gone from rarely airing on live television to now having a deal with NBC Sports Boston.

Both women would not have gotten to where they are now without their hard work and passion for sports.  Kustok spoke about her experience as a sideline reporter for the Brooklyn Nets. She shared how she would attend practices that she did not necessarily have to go to, and would study game footage of opponents to help prepare herself for a game.

As the speaker’s portion of the night began to wrap up, Cox and Kustok provided advice to those who wish to grow and succeed within their company.  “After your foot is in the door, understand the business,” Cox said.  Taking the time to explore different departments and understand the value of each position is something Cox encourages doing and can help one better comprehend the bigger picture of their company.

Kustok provided how she approaches work day after day: “In sports, you face a variety of personalities; approach with a positive attitude and become someone who people want to gravitate towards.”
Following the speakers, WICT members had the opportunity to attend a WBNA game, as the Connecticut Sun took on the Dallas Wings. With a packed and lively arena full of loyal fans, the Sun beat the Wings 96-76 and now sit in third place with the playoff right around the corner.