WICT New England 2022-2023 Open Board Position Descriptions


The Marcom Chair leads the marketing and communication team in order to create, develop and maintain the chapters overall communication of WICT New England’s website, social media platforms and event registration sites.  The Marketing Chair is also responsible for:

  • The overall management of  Marcom team
  • Sets program budget in conjunction with the executive committee 
  • Establishes timelines for event communications: 
    • Works with Program Chair to initiate messaging for programming at least a month before event date (initial program email)
  • Works with Program Chair to ensure timely reminders are sent prior to the event.  Reminders are sent for every event no later than X days before the event.
  • Any other optional last call emails 
  • Ensures all membership communications adhere to policy, strategy, and format
  • Adheres to WICT National guidelines and conditions when submitting for communication approval
  • Oversees creation, layout and execution of social media sites and communications
  • Oversees the development and execution of a regular member newsletter to increase member engagement
  • Works with Membership Chair to develop and carry out new member acquisition, renewal campaigns, and membership engagement strategies 
  • Works with programming chair, treasurer or others to set up event registration, as appropriate. 


At the direction of the Marcom Chair, creates and oversees all chapter related communications, including event registrations as well as maintaining our social media sites to ensure accurate and timely communication to members.

  • Assists Marcom Chair with the distribution of email and social media material
  • Maintains and updates all social media platforms.
  • Attend monthly board meetings, and programming meetings
  • Contributes to chapter programming ideas.
  • Collaborates with Programming Chair to ensure communication timelines are met. 
  • Ensures that all marketing materials are reviewed and approved by WICT National prior to release.


Responsible for developing, implementing and communicating the chapter’s annual membership deliverables. Manage the membership function to successfully meet the annual membership goal:

    • Attends monthly board meetings and reports status on new members, renewals, and recruitment/new member campaigns
    • Submits all MCBP deliverables to the President and Vice President prior to deadlines:
      • Membership Plan
      • Prospect List
      • Retention Rate
      • New Member Recruitment
    • Responsible for the design, planning and implementation of new member orientation programs
    • Keeps Marcom Team informed with updated to member contact information
    • Works with Marcom to develop and carry out new member acquisition, renewal campaigns, and membership engagement strategies 
    • Maintains the privacy and integrity of the chapter rosters.
    • Assures chapter events and programs include membership recruitment information and any member updates, as well as, track and follow-up both member and prospect activity at chapter events.  


Manages the chapter sponsorship efforts which provide the primary source of funding for all chapter activities:

  • Responsible for creating, keeping and updating target/actual sponsor lists/database with contacts and annual sponsorship amounts. 
  • In collaboration with marcom chair, adheres to consistent brand messaging and guidelines as outlined by WICT Global and the Model Chapter Business Plan.
  • Responsible for obtaining sponsorships and coordinating benefits with other members of the chapter board. 
  • Develops new and innovative sponsorship opportunities to ensure the financial success of the chapter.
  • Cultivates and pursues sponsorship leads.
  • Ensures timely collection of pledged sponsorship monies.
  • Works closely with the chapter treasurer to ensure proper invoicing and payment procedures are met.


At the direction of the Program Chair, Program Directors are also responsible for the planning and execution of chapter events:

  • Has an awareness and understanding of the annual program budget established by the executive board.
  • Working with the Program Chair and fellow board members, to create, plan and execute chapter programming initiatives.
  • Setting up meetings for budgeting, staffing and follow-up for each program. 
  • Assisting in the preparation of post-program recaps as well as the preparation and distribution of post-event program surveys.  Recaps are submitted to the Marcom team within X days?
  • Facilitate the management of information provided in post-event survey results to ensure programs are meeting members’ needs.   Surveys are sent within X days following the event, and results reported to executive board


The treasurer oversees all aspects of the chapter financials including:

  • Maintains the accounting and other financial records of the chapter.
  • Works with the executive board members to implement the annual budget and strategic plan.  
  • Attends the WICT National Financial webinar held at the beginning of the year.
  • Monitors all chapter bank accounts and finance-related accounts.
  • File appropriate financials, forms and information with WICT Global and with the IRS.
  • Deposits all income and writes checks in a timely fashion. 
  • Keeps board members informed as to the chapter’s financial status on a regular basis.
  • As a member of the executive board, participates in chapter spending decisions. 
  • Work with the program chair to assure adequate resources are available to fund chapter programs.
  • Participates in executive board meetings and/or conference calls, as necessary. 
  • Works with incoming president and treasurer to assure smooth transition of financial matters.
  • Responsible for filing YE financial report, budget and financial summary with WICT Global by stated deadline. 
  • Responsible for overseeing the reporting and revenue generating areas of the chapter.
  • Ensures thorough understanding of 516c6 status.
  • Create and share internal control policy regarding credit/debit use to the Board and WICT Global 
  • Create a system of internal control, regarding approvals, maximum expenditures