WICT New England 2020-2021 Open Board Position Descriptions

Partnership Director

Position Summary: Develops chapter sponsorships which provide the primary source of funding for all chapter activities.

● Adheres to consistent brand messaging and guidelines as outlined by WICT Global and the Model Chapter Business Plan.
● Responsible for obtaining sponsorships and coordinating benefits with Partnership Chair and Board.
● Develops new and innovative sponsorship opportunities to ensure the financial success of the chapter.
● Cultivates and pursues sponsorship leads.
● Ensures timely collection of pledged sponsorship monies.

Program Chair

Position Summary: Leads an active committee involved in planning and executing chapter programs.

● Works closely with the chapter treasurer and the executive board to assure that programming financial objectives are met.
● Communicates with other board members to ensure professional and timely delivery of program and event plans.
● Responsible for ensuring each program is fiscally responsible prior to incurring expenses.
● Obtains approvals for all programs from the executive board prior to completion of event planning.
● Prepares timely event rundowns and recaps.

Program Director

Position Summary:  Manages the overall planning and execution of chapter programs.

▪ Identifies cost effective venues and talent for chapter programming.
▪ Possess a clear understanding of budgeting, staffing and follow-up.
▪ Negotiates discounted rates from hotels on behalf of the chapter.
▪ Collects feedback (i.e. surveys) from participants and uses data to improve processes, streamline efficiencies and gauge program success.
▪ Ensures marketing and communication of programs are completed in a timely fashion.

Mentor Director

Position Summary:  Coordinates mentor pairings, plan mentor events, create mentor newsletter and ensure program continuity


Position Summary:  Manages the overall administration of the board

● Attends all board meetings and records all proceedings of such meetings.
● Distributes meeting minutes to the board in a timely manner.
● Compile chapter documents for archive purposes.
● Provides continuity for the succession planning process and formulates plans for his/her term by organizing the succession planning committee.

● Responsible for the implementation of the Model Chapter Business Plan.

Vice President

Position Summary:
● Attends 80% of all chapter board meetings and chapter events.
● As a member of the board, participates in chapter spending decisions.
● Participates in board meeting and/or conference calls.
● Assists and/or oversees governance with the strategic planning process.
● Develops action plan to further identify and add clarity to all roles and responsibilities prior to annual transition.
● Ensures appropriate follow up and effective transitioning of all chapter duties.
● Organizes the financial review process by identifying three volunteers to independently audit previous year’s finances.
● Other duties, as specifically outlined by designated chapter. Assumes the responsibilities as designated by the chapter president in his/her absence

Marcom Director

Position Summary:  Oversees social media sites, WICT Connects and event registration sites to ensure accurate and timely communication to members.

● Coordinates with board members to distribute all chapter communications (i.e. program notifications, newsletters) on various platforms (i.e. email, social media).
● Works with program directors to script events as necessary.
● Coordinates with chapter board to ensure accurate distribution of event and chapter information.
● Attends MARCOM meetings as needed.