Dr. Lori Monaco focused on the question – “Are you happy with your life?” Based on that question, she provided ample information on how to make changes to your life through habits and consistency to turn your “no” into a “yes. The first step in the process is to be honest with yourself, then accept your current self. She noted that one of the most powerful tools is the ability to be accountable to yourself, then forgive yourself and let it go.

Dr. Lori talked about how our experiences help to determine our emotions, thoughts, perceptions and images. In order to change those, we need to build new habits and beliefs. These experiences are what make us who we are today. We can change our emotions, thoughts, perceptions and images but it takes hard work. Our conscious only makes up 5% of our brain function with the rest falling in the subconscious and unconscious sections. Our habits, beliefs, behaviors, feelings and emotions all fall under our subconscious and unconscious. Dr. Lori noted that we can change these but need to consciously focus on creating change. For instance, everyone has a habit in how they get dressed in the morning. She challenged everyone to try and change how you get dressed – put your right leg in your pants first instead of your left. She noted that it is hard but the more you consciously focus on the new habit that will slowly change your subconscious habit.

We each need a healthy balance (mindfulness) that can allow us to be present, connected, aware, accepting and peaceful amongst other positive traits. By being self-aware (knowledge of one’s own character, feeling, motives, and desires), by having self-realization (fulfillment of one’s own potential) and self-actualization (realization/fulfillment of one’s talent and potential) we can become our best self.

Dr. Lori noted that some ways to find a healthy balance is through meditation or yoga. She explained that any situation that allows you to have self-reflection will allow you to find a balance in your life. It will help you learn what you want, figure out how to get out of your way, and then get to that place.

Overall, you can learn how to make yourself happy by understanding your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and the habits that are formed in each.

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