On April 12th The WICT New England Chapter hosted ‘Managing the Generations and Connecting the Gap’ event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Worcester MA.

The morning started with WICT New England President, Donna Capone, announcing our first session’s guest, Generational Expert, Speaker and Author, Meagan Johnson.

Meagan talked about each generation and the unique events that influenced them. She also touched on how technology and the economy has shaped each generation and what their impact has had our culture.
Meagan divided the attendees into generational groups and ask for thoughts regarding the other generations. Meagan compared the results to a survey conducted over 30 years ago, and they were strikingly similar. She spoke about being able to make life simpler when you have an understanding of each generation and think about experiences other generations have had.

“The tools we use to do our job, has changed. The cultures in organizations have changed”- Meagan Johnson

More information can be found in Meagan’s book ‘Generations, INC’. All attendees at this event received a copy of the book. WICT New England has some copies of the book available as part of the book club. These will be given out on a first come, first served basis for those registering for the book club.

Following a light lunch, Paul Savas, VP Comcast Business, took over for the afternoon session with a presentation about personal awareness and while “Everyone sees something different’’ Paul said, “Don’t let someone else’s brand define you”.

Paul demonstrated how to create a formula for success by defining a target, making an attempt, reviewing results and changing your approach if necessary. He asked everyone to make a list of goals, and then apply time frames to each in order to identify what is most important. He then handed each attendee a square piece of wood. All were instructed to write down a goal and the obstacle holding you back in the center of the wood on one side. On the other side, folks were asked to write how they would feel once the goal was achieved. Paul then told the group that confidence happens in a moment and proceeded to show us how we could break that piece of wood with our own hands!


After everyone broke through their wood, the event closed with Program Directors Christina Draper and Jen Gode thanking our presenters, offering them a token of our appreciation.