2018 WICT New England Book Club


Generations Inc

We are excited to announce the launch of our Book Club. This is a unique opportunity to learn valuable personal and professional skills that you can use every day. In addition, participating in the Book Club gives you a chance to network with WICT members in your local market. Here is a brief synopsis from author Meagan Johnson’s website on her book that we will be reading this summer.
We are all in the business that has multiple generations working together for the very first time.  Their point of views are valuable to both the team and the company but can be a challenge to overcome at times. It’s almost never a clear-cut question of whose approach is right or wrong, so how do you manage the confluence of Woodstock Nation and the Facebook Generation-and everything in between?
Generations Inc. makes it easy for any manager, supervisor, or team leader to:
  • Talk openly about conflict
  • Create cross-generational alliances
  • Reconcile disparate values and idiosyncratic working styles
  • Run meetings and direct teams with equal (and equally valued) input from members of all generations
  • And much more
Authors Meagan Johnson and Larry Johnson are walking examples of this challenge. A father-and-daughter consulting team whose points of view only sometimes coincide, they have developed powerful solutions to many of the seemingly intractable problems of intergenerational conflict.


We will be holding two webinars at various locations to get together and discuss the book.  The sessions will be held 12-1pm on June 7, 2018 and August 8, 2018. Special guest author Meagan Johnson will join us on August 8 to discuss her book with our members. Details to follow.

How to Join the Book Club 

Anyone who attended the April event will have received a book, but you must register here to be included in the book club.
For those who did not attend the April event, WICT New England has a limited number of books available to those that sign up by May 4.  After May 4, you are welcome to purchase the book through here.
You must be a current member of WICT.
Registration Ends on May 4
If you have any questions about the book or the series, contact christina.draper@espn.com.