2015 WICT New England Webinar: Staying Strong & Resilient Recap


WICT New England kicked off the programming calendar for 2015 with a free webinar open to members and non-members. The program was titled, “Staying Strong and Resilient” hosted by, Michelle Zellner. Michelle is a corporate trainer who facilitates employee development training programs for ESPN employees. Leveraging ESPN’s relationship, the speaker and webinar platform were provided by ESPN’s partner.

Staying Strong and Resilient focused on difficult times faced within our careers and personal lives, and provided tips on how to get back up and into the game. Participants learned how to forge forward in spite of adversity, handle challenges, and hardships in their lives. Participants walked-away with strategies for staying strong and resilient, maintaining a positive outlook and
reducing stress in their lives.

Registrants had the option to attend the webinar from either their desks or a designated conference room, at several locations throughout New England, including 3 Comcast offices, Cox, Time Warner, NESN, and ESPN.

Non-members were able to sample WICT at no-cost which provided opportunity to attract new members to the organization.


Michelle Zellner, Corporate Trainer

Michelle has been a trainer, coach, and facilitator for the past 17 years. While still maintaining long-standing private clients, Michelle has recently focused her efforts on corporate training. In 2013 she conducted nearly 300 trainings, both live and via webinar. Along with her knowledge, the connection she makes with the audience often results in requests for repeat visits.

Michelle’s background has enabled her to deliver on a wide variety of training topics, including: exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, sleep, preventing and managing chronic disease, work-life balance-and many more. She was the facilitator for the Denver chapter of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for a BetterU program in 2012 and 2013, and is looking forward to guiding another group of ladies toward a healthier lifestyle in 2014. Recently, one of Colorado’s largest school districts retained Michelle to create and facilitate a 12-week Lifestyle Change training for faculty and staff members. When her passion for motivating and inspiring people to take charge of their health, collides with the opportunity to deliver in a group setting, the result is a positive transfer of knowledge and energy.


Here is a write up from one of our WICT New England Members Lindsay Reiff from ESPN.

On February 11 we participated in the WICT Webinar “Staying Strong and Resilient” with Corporate Trainer, Michelle Zellner. Michelle is an expert in wellness, including personal training, on-site wellness screening and corporate outreach and education. She’s passionate about helping people work through struggles to achieve their goals.

She focused on the importance of resiliency and used an analogy of a rubber band that’s been overstretched and abused and doesn’t snap back. Resiliency is one of the most important skills you can have in both your personal and professional life.

Often as women we put everybody else first and she focused a lot self-care and making you a priority. A positive outlook is essential. Your mindset and your attitude are often hard-wired into your personality but you can train your brain to know you can make it through the tough times and be your best you.

Your life is your reality, it doesn’t matter what other people think or how they may handle situations differently. You are much happier when you learn to let go of control. You can’t control what anyone else thinks, feels or says.

We tend to make a lot of comparisons as women, and that does nothing positive. We tend to diminish big things in our life and even successes get down-played. Celebrate your successes. Praise yourself. Recognition is the key to continuing. Make a list of things that you’re proud of and reflect and believe in yourself. You can train your brain to behave differently. Change is hard! Be ok with small progress.

What is the tough time? Identify your triggers, what are the changes that you’re going through, acknowledge the change will be difficult, give yourself 48 hours to release the negative emotions then move on. Learn to number the stress 1-10.

Begin an Action Plan to handle these tough times. You need to have a support network in place so that you’re prepared in the event of an unplanned situation. Ask everyone for guidance, help and solutions. Look to the web or past history; find someone who had been through something similar and copy their successes.

Have best practices in place. Sleep, eat and exercise all recharge the brain to be at its best. Take mental and physical breaks and be sure to nourish your body. Most importantly, accept life for what it is and make the best of it. Always have a positive outlook because everything happens for a reason!

WICT New England was also live tweeting during the webinar. Check out WICT New England’s #WICTNE_staystrong on